The Nineteenth Annual Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs was held in Curzon Hall, Birmingham, on December 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 1878, when 975 entries were obtained.

The following judges officiated: for Pointers, Viscount Combermere and Mr. T. L. Brewer; Deer-hounds and Greyhounds, Lord St. Leonards and Mr. S. Mallaby; Blood-hounds, Otter-hounds, Harriers, Beagles, Dachshunds, St. Bernards, Dalmatians, and Foreign Non-Sporting Dogs, Rev. G. F. Hodson; Fox-terriers, Hon. T. W. Fitzwilliam and Rev. C. Legard; Setters, Retrievers, and Foreign Sporting Dogs, Lord St. Leonards and Mr. W. Lort; Spaniels, Mr. C. B. Hodgson, Major Willett and Rev. A. L. Willett; Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, and Sheep-dogs, Mr. E. Hanbury; Bulldogs and Bull-terriers, Messrs. J. Taylor and J. Percival; Skyes, Dandies, Bedlingtons, Wire-haired, Broken-haired, and Irish Terriers, Mr. J. Nisbet; Black-and-tan, Smooth-haired, Yorkshire, Maltese, and Toy Terriers, Pomeranians, Pugs, King Charles and Blenheim Spaniels, and Italian Greyhounds, Messrs. John Percival and Matthew Hedley.

In Blood-hounds Mr. L. G. Morrell's Rollo was first, and Mr. Mark Beaufoy's Merton second, in Dogs. Mr. Tinker's Dido won in Bitches, followed by Dr. Forbes Winslow's Bell.

Mr. R. J. Hawdon won champion prize in Deer-hounds with his Brenda. In a good class of sixteen Open Dogs Miss F. Wilson won with Bruce. Mr. P. Parker was first in Bitches with Sheila, and Dr. John Haddon second with Maida.

In Greyhound Dogs Mr. Waddington's Doctor was first, Mr. Gill's Covenanter second, and Mr. Jarvis's Nelson II. third. In like Bitches Mr. J. Fawdry's Ada won, followed by Mr. J. H. Salter's Satanella and Mr. Edwards's Marmora.

In a small entry of Otter-hounds Mr. Carrick's Lottery won.

Mr. J. S. Gibbons took the only prize offered for Harriers.

Messrs. R. King and H. A. Clark were alone "in the money" with Beagles.

Fox-terriers, Smooth, numbered 109 (actual dogs, not entries, as now) in all classes. The winners in Champions were Mr. W. J. Hyde's Buffett in Dogs, and Mr. Jack Terry's Nell in Bitches. In a class of nearly thirty Open Large-sized Dogs first and second went to Mr. F. Burbidge's Buff and Nimrod. In like Bitches, also well filled, Mr. F. Burbidge won with Nettle, Mr. Coath being second with Jess. In a class of twenty-seven Small-sized Dogs the winners were Mr. A. Ford's Billy and Mr. F. Burbidge's Royal, Mr. A. H. Clarke's Tip being third. In Small Bitches (twenty-eight entries) Mr. F. Burbidge's Dorcas was first, Mr. F. Redmond's Daisy second, and Mr. Wootton's Nectar third.

In Pointers Mr. R. Lloyd Price took champion prize in Large-sized Champion Dogs with Wagg, Mr. G. T. Bartram the like in Bitches with Stella. In a strong class of Large Pointer Dogs Mr. Pilkington's Faust was first, Mr. Sharpe's Drake second. In like Bitches Mr. G. Moore was first and second with Maggie and Moss. Mr. J. H. Whitehouse took both champion prizes for Small-sized Pointers with Cedric and Lady Pearl. The winners in Open Dogs were Mr. Fletcher's Joss and Mr. G. Booth's Byron. In Open Bitches Mr. R. Lloyd Price's Bow Bells won, followed by Mr. J. Bishop's Broom.

English Setters found Mr. J. Fletcher's Rock taking champion prize for Dogs, and Mr. Purcell-Llewellin doing the like in Bitches with Phantom. In Open Dogs Mr. Duncan's Royal VI. was placed over Mr. Pilkington's Rocket. Mr. Purcell-Llewellin captured both prizes in Bitches with his Baffle and Novel.

Mr. Richardson's Duke and Mr. Parsons's Floss took the champion prizes for Dogs and Bitches in Gordon Setters, the winners in Open Gordon Dogs being Messrs. H. Mapplebeck (with Blossom) and Mr. Parsons (with Bob). In like Bitches Mr. Mapplebeck's Mona won, with Mr. Parsons's Jessie coming next.

The winner of champion prize in Irish Setters was Mr. Hilliard's Palmerston. In Open Irish Setter Dogs Mr. Hilliard's Count was first, Mr. C. T. Abbott's St. Patrick second. In Bitches Mr. J. H. O'Brien won with Kitty, followed by Mr. Bird's Belle.

Mr. J. A. Piatt's Loyal took the prize for champions in Retriever Dogs, Mr. J. W. Morris the like for Bitches with XL. In Open Curly Retriever Dogs Mr. J. H. Salter was first with King Koffee, Mr. W. W. Watts second with Jet. In Open Wavy-coated Dogs Mr. E. G. Farquharson won with Ben, Mr. S. E. Shirley coming second with Duck. In Open Bitches the winners were Mr. Baylis's Brevet and Captain Mousley's Bramble.

The winners in Irish Water-spaniels were Mr. J. S. Skidmore's Barney and Mr. Blakey's Hilda; in Other Water-spaniels, Mr. W. Mason's Rollo, Captain W. Arbuthnott's Flo.

In Clumber Spaniels those "in the money" were Mr. P. Bullock's Nabob, Captain Maxwell's Duke, and Mr. Duncan's Libnah.

Messrs. Bowers and Arnold were first in Sussex Dogs and Bitches with Buckingham and Jewel, Mr. Robinson being second in Dogs with Max.

In Other Large-sized Spaniels Mr. Fletcher's Young Bob won, followed by Mr. H. C. Spurgin's Alonzo, in Dogs. In Bitches Mr. J. H. Bonner won with Blanche and Belle. In Other Small Spaniel Dogs Mr. P. Bullock won with Bob. Mr. H. C. Spurgin won in Bitches with Florry, followed by Mr. C. A. Phillips with Sappho.

In Red Dachshunds the order was Mr. C. Goas's Teck, Mr. E. Hutton's Vixen; in Other than Black, Mr. E. Hutton's Haufman, Mr. R. T. Smith's Donnie.

In Foreign Sporting Class the winners were Messrs. R. RadclifTe, G. de L. Macdona, and T. Menke.

The champion prizes for Mastiffs went to Mr. R. Alston's Colonel and Mr. M. B. Wynn's Empress. In a class of twenty-four Open Mastiff Dogs Mr. Mark Beaufoy was first and second with his typical brace Beau and Nero, Mr. J. Auld being third with Benmore. In a well-filled class of like Bitches Mr. T. W. Allen won with Creole, followed by Mr. El well's Maggie and Mr. W. Aston's Judy.

In Rough St. Bernard Dogs Rev. G. A. Sneyd's Hector was first, Mr. Tetley's Simplon second, Mr. Turner's Noble third. In Rough Bitches Mr. Tatham's Augusta was first, his Grugere second, and Rev. G. A. Sneyd third with Hope. In Smooth-coated St. Bernards Mr. Fred. Gresham was first in both classes with The Shah and Abbess, and the others winners were Mr. Melland in Dogs (with Pilot) and Mr. Goodwin in Bitches (with Irene).