Airedale Terrier.

Color: The head and ears, with the exception of dark markings on each side of skull, should be rich tan, as also should be the legs to the thighs and elbows. The body should be black or dark grizzle.

Height : About 24 in.

Weight : About 50 lbs.

This dog is of a fairly recent creation. He is a sensible and companionable dog, game to the core and a fine guard. He has a well knit frame, great bone for his size, a long punishing jaw and lean head, with a keen expression and a wiry, weather resisting coat. His ears should be small and V-shaped. The tail is set on high and carried gaily, but not curled over the back. The coat is hard and wiry but not so long as to appear ragged. It should be straight and close.