Bedlington Terrier.

Color : Dark blue, blue and tan, liver, liver and tan, sandy, sandy and tan.

Height : 16 in.

Weight: 24 lbs.

In general appearance the Bedlington is a lightly built, lathy dog, but not shelly. The skull is narrow, deep and rounded, high at the occiput, covered with a nice silky tuft or topknot. His muzzle must be long and tapering. The eyes are small, placed obliquely, and close together, and in shade should follow the color of the dog. The ears are moderately large, placed low, thinly covered and tipped with fine silky hair, and filbert shaped. The neck is long and chest deep, though not wide. The back should be slightly arched, and the body well ribbed up. The tail is thick at the root and scimitar shaped. The coat is a mixture of hard and soft hair, of the stand-off variety, and crisp to the touch.