Manchester Terrier.

Color : Jet black and rich mahogany tan. The position of the tan markings is important. The muzzle should be tanned to the nose. A bright spot on each cheek and above each eye and the under-jaw and throat are tanned with a distinct black V mark immediately under the jaw. The fore legs should be tanned up to the knee, with black lines up each toe, and a black "thumb" mark above the foot. The insides of the hind legs tanned, but divided with black at the hock joint. The under part of the tail is also tanned, and there should be a light tan mark at each side of the chest. Tan outside of hind legs, commonly called "breeching," is a serious defect, and in all cases the black should not run into the tan, or vice versa. The two colors should be well defined.

Height : 17 in.

Weight : 20 lbs.

This is a good boned dog with the appearance of speed and activity rather than of strength, and he should be free of any approach to the whippet type. Head should be long, flat and narrow at skull, level and wedge-shaped, and well filled up before the eyes, which should be small, brilliant and dark. The ears if cropped should be carried erect. Chest narrow and deep, body moderately short with well sprung ribs. The tail is rather short and should not be carried higher than the back, and the coat is close, smooth, short and glossy.

In the opinion of many the ban of the English Kennel Club, which now prohibits the cropping of dogs' ears, has seriously impaired the popularity of this breed, as it is claimed that drop ears, no matter how small and neatly they may be carried, compare unfavorably with the smart appearance conveyed by neatly cropped ears. None the less a tremendous amount of suffering unquestionably has been prevented as a result of the English Kennel Club's ruling, and all good sportsmen will endorse its decision.

Toy Manchester Terrier

This dog should resemble his larger brother in every respect except that he should be under ten inches in height and under six pounds in weight.