Arabian Greyhound.

Color: Light yellow sand color with black mask and black eyelids.

Height: 28 in.

Weight: 65 lbs.

This is a dog of lean, elegant and alert appearance. He is higher on the leg and shorter in the body than the English Greyhound. He is not as long in the head but more domed in the skull than the English dog, and seen in profile the head has some resemblance to that of the Jackal. The eyes are large, dark amber in color, and intelligent in expression. He is rather large in ears, which are folded well down on the neck. He is strong and muscular in neck with hind quarters well developed. The tail is fairly long, fine and carried curved downwards. The coat is smooth, dense and fine.

Belgian Dogs trained to draw quick firing guns.

Belgian Dogs trained to draw quick-firing guns.