Barb, The Australian Sheep Dog, The Kelpie.

Color: All black.

Height: 24 in.

Weight: 54 lbs.

A well-built, medium-sized dog with a head like the Pomeranian or Schipperke. His almond-shaped, dark • eyes convey an intelligent expression. The ears are pricked, neck long and well arched, back straight, chest deep but not too wide, and well developed loins. The tail is of medium length and carried rather high, and his coat is of fair length, straight and harsh.

This dog is extensively used by Australian and New Zealand shepherds in the work-a-day life on their sheep ranches. His intelligence and adaptability as a working sheep dog is said to be even more pronounced than the best English, Welsh or Scotch exponents. Furthermore, he has been bred in some quarters so that he cannot bark.