Color: Grizzle black, creamy brown, dirty white, white and chestnut, and white and black.

Height: 22 in.

Weight: 56 lbs.

The Barbet is a strongly made dog, very compactly built. Is round and broad in skull with forehead well developed. Muzzle broad and short, well furnished with long moustaches. The eyes are round, lively and intelligent and dark brown in color, and are entirely hidden by the long and thick hair on the eyebrows. The ears are set on low, are long and flat and well covered with long, curly hair, which often forms cords or ringlets. The body is strongly built, ribs and loins well rounded and muscular. The forelegs are straight with plenty of bone and covered with long hair. The tail is set on low, carried slightly upwards. The Barbet's coat is long, woolly and curly, forming cords or ringlets.