Color : Jet black. A white, short frill is not disqualified but is not desirable. Other colors - liver, lemon, red or any of these colors with white or tan or both.

Height : 12 in.

Weight: 25 lbs.

Cocker Spaniel.

This dog should be shaped like a setter in miniature, but he is more merry and alert in expression and behavior. It is essential that he should combine small size with great activity. The skull is fairly long and forehead raised. Color of eyes varies according to the color of the coat, but should always be mild in expression. The ears are of moderate size, broad rather than long and fairly well covered with hair. His neck is long, clean, arched, and muscular, with well developed body and very strong hind quarters. The stern is docked, carried downwards, and has a perpetually vibrating movement, a sort of restless quivering, peculiar to his breed. The coat is smooth or slightly wavy, very dense but not very long.