Color: Color together with markings are most important. The ground should be white. He should be spotted with either black or liver-colored spots clearly defined and on no account should the spots run into each other and they should be as round as possible. Height: 22 in. Weight: 55 lbs.

A strong, muscular, active dog capable of great endurance. In size, build and outline he very much resembles the pointer.

The eyes are round, bright and sparkling, as dark as possible in the black spotted dogs, though a yellow tint is allowed in the liver dogs. Ears are set on high, of moderate size and carried close to the head, of fine texture, and the more profusely they are spotted the better. His back is strong and muscular, tail of fair length carried with a nice curve upwards but not curled and should be well spotted. The coat is short, hard, dense and fine in texture, but must not be woolly or silky.