Color : A pre-dominance of white is most favored by sportsmen. Liver and white, lemon and white, and black and white are also quite common. Whole colors black, liver and various shades of yellow are also quite correct.

Height : 26 in. Weight : 70 lbs. The Pointer is an elegantly shaped dog, symmetrical and well built all over, of great strength and endurance, yet full of refinement and very speedy. The leading essentials of a good Pointer are, pace, endurance, intelligence, and powers of smell. The head should be fairly long and broad at the skull, muzzle long and well filled up. Eyes soft and dark brown in color. Ears soft and hanging gracefully. Neck well arched and long, free from dewlap or throatiness. Ribs well arched. Loins and hind quarters very muscular. The stern must be strong at the root and free from the slightest approach to curl at the tip.