English Setter.

Color : Black and white ticked, with large splashes and more or less marked with black, known as blue belton; orange and white, ticked as in the blacks and blues; liver and white, ticked in similar manner; black and white, with tan markings; orange or lemon with white ticks; black and white; liver and white. Pure white, black, liver and red or yellow are occasionally seen but not desirable. Height : 24 in. Weight : 60 lbs.

This dog owns an elegant outline. The skull is moderately narrow between the ears, with prominent occiput, a decided brow over the eyes, with long muzzle. The eyes should be dark brown in color, and are full of animation. Ears small, thin and soft, carried close to the cheeks. The neck should be slightly arched, but must not be throaty, chest deep and wide, tail should be carried with a gentle sweep downwards, and well feathered with straight silky hair. The coat is soft and silky without curl, and he should have plenty of feather on both fore and hind legs.