French Setter.

Color: White with chestnut patches.

Height: 25 in. Weight: 56 lbs. The French Setter is a strong, shapely dog of an imposing appearance. The head is strong and well developed. Skull round, broad and long with the occipital bone well defined and the stop nicely chiselled. The eyes should be rather small, dark amber in color, and of open expression. His chest should be very deep and broad with long and rather flat ribs. The stern set on high, rather long and be carried in two curves; the first convex and the second concave, with a nice fringe of long, wavy, silky hair. His coat should be thick and not bright, smooth on the head and flat on the body with a fair amount on the belly, chest and throat and the ears and legs well feathered.

Setter Of Picardie

This is a variety of the French Setter and is sometimes called the black Setter of the North. The points are the same, except that in color he should be brown and grizzle, black or black and tan.