Setter Of Pont Audemer.

Color: Brown and grizzle, brown and white, or self-colored brown. A black or black and white coat is objectionable. Height: 22 in. Weight: 56 lbs. This dog should be of a short, thick-set build with a cobby ap-pearance. The skull should be round with prominent occipital bone, forehead rising well toward the top knot or crest. Eyes dark amber with a good and frank expression. Nose brown and nostrils well open. The ears should be set on rather low, hanging close to the neck and should be very long and well furnished with long, crisp hair. The chest is deep and broad, back and loins strong and muscular; back slightly convex, strong and short. The stern should be strong in bone at the root, carried rather straight and is generally docked. The coat should be crisp on the ears and top knot, which should stand upright, and rather thick and curly on the body. The hair on mask should be smooth.