Griffon Boulet.

Color: Chestnut, dead leaf color with or without white, never with black or yellow. Height: 23 in. Weight: 56 lbs.

A rather coarse-looking dog, but with a sharp appearance and his expression is mild and intelligent. Has broad and round skull, long, broad and square muzzle, with heavy moustaches. The "stop" well defined but accentuated by strong eyebrows, give him a rather savage aspect. The eyes, however, are intelligent and affable, of yellow color. The nose is light color or brown with nostrils well open. The chest is broad and deep and the ribs well arched. The forelegs are strong and muscular, covered with abundance of long hair. The straight tail is of medium length, well covered with hair but no feathering. His coat is of a nondescript character, fairly long, and silky without brilliancy and smooth or wavy, but is never curly.