Great Dane.

Color: Brindle, fawn, blue, black and harlequin. The harlequin should have jet-black patches and spots on a pure white ground.

Height: 30 in. or more. Weight: 120 lbs. and over.

This dog is remarkable in size and very muscular. Strongly yet elegantly built, which latter feature is an absolute essential, as also is alertness of expresion and briskness of movement, and generally he should carry a look of dash and daring. The head is of great length, muzzle broad, and jaw powerful. The skull should be flat rather than domed, and have a slight indentation running up the center. The ears in Germany are cropped, set high, and carried erect, with the tips falling forward. The neck should be long and well arched, and quite free from loose skin. The body is very deep, back strong and hind quarters extremely muscular. His coat is short, dense and sleek.

The abolition of cropping by the English Kennel Club resulted in English breeders concentrating their attention to the production of a small ear, which would hang-neatly in lieu of his original large ear, which was desirable when cropping was permitted. In doing this, character was at first lost, to some extent, in head, color and soundness of limb, but these temporary disabilities have now been largely overcome.