Scottish Terrier.

Color: Steel or Iron-gray, Black - brin-dle. Brown-brindle,Gray brindle, Grizzled. Black, Sandy and Wheaten.

(White markings are objectionable.)

Height: 12 in. Weight: 20 lbs.

In general appearance this dog should appear to be higher on the leg than he really is. He should look compact be possessed of great muscle in the hind quarters, and be powerfully put together throughout. He should own a sharp, bright, and active expression, and head should be carried well up. Skull should be long, slightly domed, very powerful muzzle and very little stop. Eyes of dark hazel color, set wide apart, small, piercing and very bright. Ears small and erect, and sharp pointed, and covered with a velvety hair. The neck is short, thick and muscular. Chest broad, body sho,rt and well ribbed up, and exceedingly strong in hind quarters. The tail is never docked and should be carried gaily. The coat is about two inches long on the body, dense, hard and wiry in texture.