Spitz Pomeranian

Color: White, black, blue, brown, chocolate, sable in all shades, red, orange and fawn in all shades, and parti-colors. The whites must be free from lemon or any color, and the other colors free from white. In the parti-colors the colors should be evenly distributed in body patches. Self colored dogs with white feet or legs are objectionable.

Weight: About 24 lbs.

This is a compact, short-bodied dog, with head and face fox-like. Small erect ears, and exhibits great intelligence in expression, docility in disposition and activity in buoyancy and deportment. The skull should be somewhat flat, eyes oblique, not set too wide apart, bright and dark in color. The neck is short and lion-like, is covered with a profuse mane and frill of long straight hair. The tail is a characteristic of this breed and should be turned over the back, profusely covered with long spreading hair. He should have a long, perfectly straight and glistening coat, sound and even in color, and soft fluffy undercoat, the whole effect being of a stand-off, weather resisting variety.