Considered from a zoological standpoint, the foot of the horse will include all those parts from the knee and hock downwards. For the purposes of this treatise, however, the word foot will be used in its more popular sense, and will refer solely to those portions of the digit contained within the hoof. When, in this chapter on regional anatomy, or elsewhere, the descriptive matter or the illustrations exceed that limit, it will be with the object of observing the relationship between the parts we are concerned with and adjoining structures.

Taking the limit we have set, and enumerating the parts within the hoof from within outwards, we find them as follows:

A. The Bones. - The lower portion of the second phalanx or os coronae; the third phalanx, os pedis, or coffin bone; and the navicular or shuttle bone.

B. The Ligaments. - The ligaments binding the articulation.

C. The Tendons. - The terminal portions of the extensor pedis and the flexor perforans.

D. The Arteries.

E. The Veins.

F. The Nerves.

G. The Complementary Apparatus Of The Os Pedis.

H. The Keratogenous Membrane.

I. The Hoof.