This is a small bone situated at the inner angle of the orbit, which it assists in forming. It has running through it a funnel-shaped cavity (lachrymal fossa), which gives lodgment to a small sac (lachrymal sac), and this is continuous with a long membranous canal [lachrymal duct), which conveys the tears from the eye into the nostrils.

Skull (Side View).

Fig. 289. - Skull (Side View).

0 Nasal Peak. 1 Masai Bone. - Inferior Orbital Foramen. 3 Lachrymal Bone. 4 Orbital Cavity. 5 Frontal Bone. 6 Temporal Fossa. 7 Zygomatic Arch. 8 Parietal Bone. 9 Supra-condyloid Process. 10 Occipital Tuberosity. 11 Petrous Temporal Bone. 12 External Auditory Hiatus. 13 Maxillary Condyle. 14 Styloid Process of Occipital Bone. 15 Occipital Condyle. 16 Styloid Process of Petrous Temporal Bone. 17 Temporo-maxillary Articulation. 18 Squamous Temporal Bone. 19 Malar Bone. 20 Superior Maxilla. 21 Mental Foramen. 22 Anterior Maxilla.