These are four in number, two pairs, distinguished from each other as the squamous and the petrous temporal bones, the former having a shell-like structure, while the latter are of great density and hardness. The petrous temporal bones contain the organs of hearing. Squamous Temporal. - These are two flattened portions of bone situated at, and forming the sides of, the brain cavity. From the outer part, near the middle, a long bony eminence proceeds in a downward direction to unite with the orbital process of the frontal bone above, and the malar or cheek-bone below. This is the zygomatic process, on the under surface of which will be seen a concavity for the reception of the condyle of the lower jaw, the two together forming the inferior maxillary articulation or joint.

Skull (Front Aspect).

Fig. 287. - Skull (Front Aspect).

1 Occipital Tuberosity Parietal Bone. 3 Squamous Temporal Bone. 4 Superior Orbital Foramen. 5 Lachrymal Bone. 6 Malar Bone. 7 Inferior Orbital Foramen. 8 Foramen Incissivum. 9 Anterior Maxillary Bone. I0 Nasal Suture. ll Superior Maxillary Bone. '- Frontal Bone. 13 Frontal Suture. 14 Temporal Fossa. 15 Sagittal Suture.