The Cuneiform Parvum, the smallest bone in the hock, is situated at the inner and inferior part of the joint, inclining backwards, where it articulates with the large and inner small metatarsal bones below, the magnum above, and the medium in front. The outer surface of this bone presents a smooth surface over which one of the tendinous branches of the flexor metatarsi plays in a synovial sheath.

Bones of the Hock separated.

Fig. 312. - Bones of the Hock separated.

1 Tibia. 2Os Calcis. 3 Astragalus. 4Cuneiform Magnum. 5 Cuboid. 6 Cuneiform Medium. 7 Small Metatarsal Bone. 8 Large Metatarsal Bone.

Except in very unimportant particulars the bones below the hock resemble those below the knee, and do not, therefore, require special description.