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A List Of The Novels

The following is a list of the volumes in the Imperial Edition: -

The Pickwick Papers.

Oliver Twist.

Nicholas Nickleby.

Martin Chuzzlewit.

The Old Curiosity Shop.

Barnaby Rudge.

David Copperfield.

Bleak House.

Sketches by Boz.

Hard Times and Master Humphrey's Clock.

Christmas Books.

Dombey and Son.

Little Dorrit.

A Tale of Two Cities.

Great Expectations.

Charles Dickens: A Critical Study. By George Gissing.

A List Of The Novels 30097

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The Modern Plumber And Sanitary Engineer

Treating of Plumbing, Sanitary Work, Ventilation, Heating (Electric and Other), Hot-Water Services, Gas-Fitting, Electric Lighting, Bell-Work, Glazing, etc. By sixteen specialist contributors under the Editorship of G. Lister SUTCLIFFE, a.r.i.b.a., M.R.S.I., Editor of " The Principles and Practice of Modern House Construction", etc. With Appendices of Tables, Memoranda, Mensuration, etc. To be completed in 6 super-royal octavo volumes, bound in cloth.

This is a work for the master plumber, the operative plumber, the plumber-electrician, and, in fact, for all who are in any way practically concerned in plumbing, sanitary engineering, or any of the associated trades; for all who have to do with the building, sanitation, ventilation, lighting, and heating of houses and other edifices.

The illustrations are a special feature. They include diagrams, half-tone pictures, full-page and folding plates, many of the last in colour. There are upwards of 40 plates and 1100 illustrations in the text.

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The Practical Grocer

A Manual and Guide for the Grocer, the Provision Merchant, and Allied Trades. By W. H. Simmonds. With contributions by specialists, trade experts, and members of the trades. Illustrated by a series of separately printed plates. Complete in 4 volumes, cloth. Grocery says: " That most excellent manual ... a most useful work ".

Modern Electric Practice

Prepared under the Editorship of Magnus Maclean. M.A.,, Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, assisted by over thirty specialists. Copiously illustrated. Complete in 6 volumes, super-royal octavo, cloth. A new and thoroughly up-to-date practical work written by practical men for practical men.

Modern House-Construction

Including Water-supply and Fittings, Sanitary Fittings and Plumbing, Drainage and Sewage-disposal, Warming, Ventilation, Lighting, Sanitary Aspects of Furniture and Decoration, Climate and Situation, Stables, Sanitary Law, etc. Edited by G. Lister Sutcliffe, Architect, Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Member of the Sanitary Institute. Author of "Concrete: Its Nature and Uses", etc. The Work is printed on fine paper, demy quarto, and issued in Six Divisions, strongly bound in cloth; also in two volumes, Roxburghe binding.

Modern House-Construction is accurate, thorough, and up-to-date, and therefore invaluable to professional men engaged in house-construction or house-inspection, including Architects, Civil Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Doctors, Medical Officers, Sanitary Inspectors, Building Inspectors, etc.

The Modern Carpenter, Joiner, And Cabinetmaker

A Complete Guide to Current Practice. Prepared under the editorship of G. Lister Sutcliffe, Architect, Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Member of the Sanitary Institute, Editor and Joint-Author of "Modern House-Construction", Author of "Concrete: Its Nature and Uses", etc. With Contributions from many Specialists. Illustrated by a Series of about a hundred separately-printed Plates and a thousand Figures in the Text. Complete in 8 divisional-volumes, super-royal quarto, bound in cloth.

The Modern Carpenter comprises no fewer than sixteen sections. Within the eight divisional-volumes of the work we have a treatise on every branch of the craft, distinguished by four outstanding qualities. It is (1) complete, (2) clear, (3) practical and (4) up-to-date.

The Book Of The Home

An Encyclopedia of all Matters Relating to the House and Household Management. Produced under the general Editorship of H. C. Davidson, assisted by over one hundred specialists. Copiously illustrated by coloured and black-and-white plates and engravings in the text. In 4 volumes, cloth, with artistic design ; also in 8 divisional-volumes, cloth.

An indispensable ally to the novice and a valuable work of reference to the more experienced.

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Works Of Shakespeare

Edited by Sir Henry Irving and Frank A. Marshall, with a general Introduction and Life of Shakespeare, by Prof. Edward DOWDEN, and many hundred illustrations from drawings by GORDON BROWNE and other artists. In 14 volumes beautifully bound in cloth.

The ideal edition of Shakespeare, embodying the result of everything of value done before in the text and illustration of our great poet.

The Gresham Library Of Standard Fiction

A Series of 21 Standard Works of Fiction by the most eminent authors, each volume illustrated with six full-page drawings, many containing a biographical sketch of the author and a critical estimate of his work. The set of 21 volumes bound in leather back are: Barchester Towers, Scenes of Clerical Life, Hajji Baba, After Dark, Ormond, Jane Eyre, The New-comes, Westward Ho!, The Caxtons, David Copperheld, The Heart of Midlothian, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Lorrequer, The Scarlet Letter and The House with the Seven Gables, Lavengro, Cranford and Mary Barton, Framley Parsonage, Tom Burke of "Ours", The Mill on the Floss, John Halifax, Gentleman, Coningsby.