Charles Dickens' Novels

The Imperial Edition of the Novels of Charles Dickens, in 16 volumes, large square octavo, cloth extra, gilt top. The following is a list of the volumes in the Imperial Edition : The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, Martin Chuzzlewit, The Old Curiosity Shop, Barnaby Rudge, David Copperheld, Bleak House, Sketches by Boz, Christmas Books, Dombey and Son, Little Dorrit, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Hard Times and Master Humphrey's Clock; Charles Dickens: A Critical Study, by GEORGE GlSSING.

The Choice Library Of The English Poets

With Introductions by Alice Meynell, Arthur Symons, Owen Seaman, Alfred Austin, and other eminent writers. Beautifully bound in cloth, with frontispiece photogravures, 24 volumes, in neat box. The volumes are as follows: - Tennyson, Christina Rossetti, Milton, Wordsworth, E. B. Browning, Robert Browning, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Burns, Coleridge, Cowper, Calverley, Herrick, Longfellow, Whittier, In Memoriam (Tennyson's), Arnold, Keble (The Christian Year), Keble (The Psalter in English Verse), Herbert, Sixteenth Century Anthology, Seventeenth Century Anthology, Eighteenth Century Anthology.

The Warwick Library Of English Literature

Prepared under the general Editorship of C. H. Herford, Litt.D., Professor of English Literature in the Victoria University of Manchester. In 8 uniform volumes. The volumes are as follows: - English Lyrics, English Pastorals, English Masques, English Tales in Verse, English Satires, English Literary Criticism, English Essays, English Historians.

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The Brontes' Works

The Complete Works of Charlotte Bronte and her Sisters. With many illustrations and portraits. This series includes Jane Eyre, Villette, Shirley, The Professor, and Emma, by Charlotte Bronte; Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte; and Agnes Grey, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Bronte; also the Poems of the three sisters, and Mrs. Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Bronte. Complete in 7 volumes, limp lambskin.

Casquet Of Literature

A Selection in Prose and Poetry from the best authors. Edited, with biographical and literary notes, by Charles Gibbon, author of "Robin Gray", and Miss Mary Christie. In 6 volumes, handsomely bound in cloth.

The Cabinet Of Irish Literature

Selections from the Works of the chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland. Edited by Charles A. Reade, f.r.h.s., and Katharine Tynan Hinkson. In 4 volumes, super-royal octavo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

In The Land Of Burns

Select Illustrations of the Life and Writings of the Scottish Poet from Paintings by D. O. Hill, r.s.a. 24 Engravings, carefully printed on fine paper, imperial 4to (size 15x11 inches), accompanied by Descriptive Notes, indicating their association with the life and works of the poet. Issued in an artistic portfolio.

A Popular Family Commentary On The New Testament

By Rev. Albert Barnes, author of "The Life of the Apostle Paul", "The Way of Salvation", "The Evidences of Christianity in the Nineteenth Century", " Notes" on the Book of Job, on the Psalms, and on the Prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel. With 70 finely-engraved illustrations, and a valuable series of maps and plans. Complete in 11 beautifully-bound volumes in handsome case.

Encyclopaedia Biblica

A Dictionary of the Bible. Edited by the Rev. T. K. Cheyne, m.a., d.d., Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture at Oxford, and formerly Fellow of Balliol College, Canon of Rochester; and J. SUTHERLAND Black, M.A., LL.D., formerly assistant Editor of "The Encyclopaedia Britannica". Assisted by many contributors in Great Britain, Europe, and America. Complete in 4 volumes, cloth and half-leather.

The Gresham Dictionary

The Gresham Dictionary of the English Language, founded on the great works of Noah Webster, ll.d., and John Ogilvie, ll.d. With 1200 illustrations. In 1 volume, super-royal octavo cloth. Also supplied in Roxburghe binding (library style).

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The Modern Cyclopedia Of Universal Information

Edited by Charles Annandale, m.a., ll.d., Editor of " Ogilvie's Imperial Dictionary ", etc. New Edition, 1907. With many pictorial illustrations and a series of maps and plates. Complete in 8 volumes, square octavo, bound in rich cloth, coloured edges, or in fine leather binding (library style).

The Natural History Of Plants

Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and Distribution. From the German of the Late Anton Kerner Von Marilaun, Professor of Botany in the University of Vienna. By F. W. OLIVER, M.a., D.Sc, Quain Professor of Botany in University College, London, with the assistance of Lady Busk, b.Sc, and Mrs. M. F. Macdonald, B.Sc With about 2000 original woodcut illustrations. Complete in 2 handsome volumes.

The Natural History Of Animals

The Animal Life of the World in its various Aspects and Relations. By J. R. Ainsworth Davis, m.a., of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of University College, Aberystwyth. Profusely illustrated with full-page colour and black-and-white plates, and engravings in the text by eminent animal artists. Complete in 8 half-volumes or in 4 volumes, cloth extra.

Comprehensive History Of England

Civil and Military, Religious, Intellectual, and Social. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Illustrated by above 1100 engravings in the text, 65 finely engraved plates, and many excellent separate page engravings, including portraits of sovereigns, pictures of important historical events, etc. Complete in 4 volumes, super-royal octavo, cloth.

A History Of The Scottish People

From the Earliest to the Latest Times. By Rev. Thomas Thomson and Charles Annandale, m.a., ll.d. Illustrated by W. H. Margetson, Walter Paget, Gordon Browne, and other eminent artists. In 6 divisional-volumes, cloth elegant.

Gladstone And His Contemporaries

Seventy Years of Social and Political Progress. By Thomas Archer, f.r.h.s. Revised and extended to date by Alfred Thomas Story, author of " Life of John Linnell", "The Building of the Empire", etc. Illustrated. In 4 volumes, super-royal octavo, cloth.

Queen Victoria Her Life And Reign

By Thomas Archer, f.r.h.s., author of "Sixty Years of Social and Political Progress", etc, and Amelia Hutchison Stirling, m.a., Examiner in History in the University of St. Andrews, author of "Torch-Bearers of History", etc. With many highly-finished illustrations. In 4 volumes, cloth extra.

Mr. Chamberlain. His Life And Public Career

By S. H. Jeyes. Profusely illustrated with portraits, views, and illustrations of notable events. Complete in 1 volumes, cloth, gilt top.

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The Home Teacher

A Cyclopedia of Self-Instruction. Edited by Samuel Neil, author of "Culture and Self-Culture", "Art of Reasoning"; Editor of " The Cyclopedia of History", etc, etc. Copiously illustrated with full-page plates and engravings in the text. In 5 volumes, cloth.

Modern Practical Farriery

A Complete Guide to all that Relates to the Horse. Its History, Varieties, and Uses - Breaking, Training, Feeding, Stabling, and Grooming - How to Buy, Keep, and Treat a Horse in Health and Disease, etc, etc, forming a complete system of the Veterinary Art as at present practised at the Royal Veterinary College, London. By W. J. Miles, m.r.c.v.s.l. Including Practical Treatises on "Cattle: their Management in Dairy, Field, and Stall", by John Walker; "Pasture-Grasses and Forage Plants", by Samuel P. Preston; "The Practice of Sheep Farming", by Charles Scott; "The Diseases and Treatment of Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs", by J. I. Lupton, m.r.c.v.s.l. In I volume, bound in cloth, or in half-calf.

The Modern Practical Farriery has long been accepted as the standard work on its subject.

Agriculturist's Calculator

A Series of 46 Tables for Land Measuring, Draining, Manuring, Planting, Weight of Hay and Cattle by Measurement, Building, etc, forming a complete ready-reckoner for all engaged in agriculture. Sixteenth thousand. Bound.

Engineers' Manual

Of Rules, Tables, and Data, based on the most recent investigations. By Daniel Kinnear Clark, author of " Railway Machinery", etc. With many diagrams. Fifth edition. Large octavo (1000 pp.), cloth, or half-morocco.

Peddie's Practical Measurer Or, Tradesmen's And Wood Merchants' Assistant

Tables for the use of Wood Merchants, Builders, Carpenters, etc. With a Treatise on the Mensuration of Superficies and Solids. Illustrated with diagrams and examples. Foolscap octavo, bound.

The Practical Decorator And Ornamentist

For the use of Architects, Painters, Decorators, and Designers. Containing 100 plates in colours and gold. With Descriptive Notices, and an Introductory Essay on Artistic and Practical Decoration. By George Ashdown Audsley, ll.d., f.r.i.B.A., author of several works on architecture and decorative art, and Maurice ASHDOWN AUDSLEY, Architect. Folio (16 by 11 inches). In cloth portfolio, complete.

Decoration And Ornament

Suggestions in Design. A Comprehensive Series of Original Sketches in Various Styles of Ornament, arranged for application in the Decorative and Constructive Arts. By JOHN Leighton, f.s.a. Accompanied by Descriptive and Historical Letterpress, with above 300 explanatory engravings, by J. K. Colling, f.r.i.b.a. One volume.

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