The wall grows downward from the coronet at the rate of about an inch in three months. It is constantly growing, and when protected from wear by a shoe, soon causes a disproportionate hoof. If allowed to grow, it may even produce deformity. Remembering this, horse-owners will understand how necessary it is that no shoes should be worn more than about a month without the superfluous growth of horn being removed from the hoof. Farm horses in idle seasons are often grossly neglected by being forced to stand in shoes attached to hoofs so overgrown as to place the foot quite out of its proper relative position to the limb.

Young horses that have never been shod are often injured by being-allowed to run in yards or small soft pastures where the hoof is not naturally worn down. Their feet become so overgrown and disproportionate that the limbs are injured and joints twisted permanently. Even foals should be attended to by the farrier when their hoofs become overgrown. No paring is necessary. All that is wanted is the removal of the excess of wall with a rasp. This necessary attention would frequently make all the difference between good feet and limbs and bad ones.