A General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Biography, History, The Practical Arts and Handicrafts, Law, Medicine, Household Matters, Education, Music, Games, and Sports. Edited by Charles Annandale, m.a., ll.d., Editor of Ogilvie's " Imperial Dictionary of the English Language ". Profusely illustrated. Complete in 14 handsome volumes, super-royal octavo, in Roxburghe library binding.

Special attention has been paid to questions that have recently arisen and come under public notice, and the latest inventions and discoveries, whether in the fields of science, the arts, or travel, have suitable articles devoted to them. In carrying out the work of revision the most recent publications, British and foreign, have been consulted; the latest statistics of population, trade, etc., have been sought for; and all the most reliable sources of information have been drawn upon.