The legs of well-bred thin-skinned horses, or those which are sick or lame, are frequently bandaged, the bandages being either of flannel or linen. Flannel bandages keep the legs warm, and if these are wet assist in drying them, while by the equable pressure they produce, they assist the circulation, and so prevent stiffness and swelling. Linen bandages are employed to accelerate the circulation, and keep the legs fine, without making them too hot. Bandages are sometimes wetted with cold water or evaporating lotion, to reduce heat or inflammation. When a horse's legs are very cold, or there is a tendency to swelling after severe exertion, they ought to be well hand-rubbed before the bandages are applied. It is very important that the bandages should not be put on too tight, as then they are apt to retard, instead of assisting, the circulation. In applying them, it is best to begin at the lower end of the limb and work upwards.