1874 - 1880. 12s. The Gladstone Parliament, 1881 - 1886. 12s. Paxton's Flower Garden By Sir Joseph Paxton and Prof. Lindley. Revised by Thomas Baines, F.R.H.S. Three Vols. With 100 Coloured Plates. 1 is. each. Peoples of the World, The. By Dr. Robert Brown. Complete in Six Volumes.

With Illustrations. 7s. 6d. each.

Phantom City, The. By W. Westall. 5s.

Photography for Amateurs. By T. C. Hepworth. Illustrated, is.; or cloth, is. 6d.

Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of. By the Rev. Dr. Brewer. Cheap Edition,

Enlarged, cloth, 3s. 6d.: or with leather back, 4s. 6d. Picturesque America. Complete in Four Vols., with 48 Exquisite Steel Plates, and about 800 Original Wood Engravings. 2 2s. each.

Picturesque Canada. With about 600 Original Illustrations. Two Vols., 3 3s. each.

Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications.

Picturesque Europe. Complete in Five Vols. Each containing 13 Exquisite Steel Plates, from Original Drawings, and nearly 200 Original Illustrations. 10 ios. ; half-morocco, ₤15 15s.; morocco gilt, ₤26 5s. The Popular Edition is now complete in Five Vols., i8s. each.

Pigeon Keeper, The Practical. By Lewis Wright. Illustrated. 3s. 6d. Pigeons, The Book of. By Robert Fulton. Edited by Lewis Wright. With

50 Coloured Plates and numerous Wood Engravings. 3is. 6d. ; half-morocco, 2 2s. Poems and Pictures. With numerous Illustrations. 5s. Poems, Representative of Living Poets, American and English. Selected by the Poets themselves. ₤15s.

Poets. Cassell's Miniature Library of the: -

Burns. Two Vols. 2s. 6d. Byron. Two Vols. 2s. 6d. Hood. Two Vols. 2S. 6d. Longfellow. Two Vols. 2s. 6d.

Milton. Two Vols. 2s. 6d.

Scott. Two Vols. as. 6d.

Sheridan and Goldsmith. 2 Vols. 2s. 6d.

Wordsworth. Two Vols. 2s. 6d.

Shakespeare. Twelve Vols., in box, 15s.

Police Code, and Manual of the Criminal Law. By C. E. Howard Vincent,

M.P., late Director of Criminal Investigations. 2s. Popular Library, Cassell's. A Series of New and Original Works. Cloth, 1s. each.

The Russian Empire. The Religious Revolution in the Sixteenth Century. English Journalism. Our Colonial Empire. The Young Man in the Battle of Life. John Wesley.

The Story of the English Jacobins.

Domestic Folk Lore.

The Rev. Rowland Hill: Preacher and

Wit. Boswell and Johnson: their Companions and Contemporaries. History of the Free-Trade Movement in


Poultry Keeper, The Practical By L. Wright. With Coloured Plates and

Illustrations. 3s. 6d.

Poultry, The Book of. By Lewis Wright. Popular Edition. With Illustrations on Wood, ios. 6d.

Poultry, The Illustrated Book of. By L. Wright. With Fifty Exquisite

Coloured Plates, and numerous Wood Engravings. Cloth, 3is. 6d. ; half-morocco, 2 2s.

Queen Victoria, The Life and Times of. By Robert Wilson. With numerous Illustrations, representing the Chief Events in the Life of the Queen, and Portraits of the Leading Celebrities of her Reign. VOLUME L, extra crown 4t0, cloth gilt, 9s.

Rabbit-Keeper, The Practical. By Cuniculus. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

Red Library of English and American Classics, The. Stiff covers, is. each ; cloth, 2s. each ; or half-calf, marbled edges, 5s. each.

Sheridan's Plays.

Uncle Tom's Cabin.


Eugene Aram.

Jack Hinion, the Guardsman.

Rome and the Early Christians.

The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay.

EdgarAllan Poe. Prose and Poetry, Selec-

Old Mortality. [tions from.

The Hour and the Man.

Washington Irving's Sketch-Book.

Last Days of Palmyra.

Tales of the Borders.

Pride and Prejudice.

Last of the Mohicans.

Heart of Midlothian.

Last Days of Pompeii.

Yellowplush Papers.

Handy Andy.

Selected Plays.

American Humour.

Sketches by Boz.

Macaulay's Lays and Selected Essays.

Harry Lorrequer.

Old Curiosity Shop.


The Talisman.

Pickwick (Two Vols.)

Scarlet Letter.

Royal River, The: The Thames, from Source to Sea. With Descriptive Text and a Series of beautiful Engravings. 2 2s.

Russia. By Sir D. Mackenzie Wallace, M.A. 5s.

Russo-Turkish War, Cassell's History of. With about 500 Illustrations. Two

Vols., 9s. each ; library binding, One Vol., 15s. Sandwith, Humphry. A Memoir by his Nephew, T. Humphry Ward. 7s. 6d. Saturday Journal, Cassell's. Yearly Volume. 6s. Science for All. Edited by Dr. Robert Brown, M.A., F.L.S., etc. With

1,500 Illustrations. Five Vols., 9s. each.

Sea, The: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, and Heroism. By

F. WhympEr. With 400 Illustrations. Four Vols., 7s. 6d. each.

Selections from Cassell & Company' s Publications.

Sent Back by the Angels. And other Ballads of Home and Homely Life. By Frederick Langbridge, M.A. 4s. 6d.

Sepia Painting, A Course of. Two Vols., with Twelve Coloured Plates in each, and numerous Engravings. Each, 3s. Also in One Volume, 5s.

Shaftesbury, The Seventh Earl of, K.G., The Life and Work of. By Edwin

Hodder. With Portraits. Three Vols., 36s. Fourth Edition now ready.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Edition de Luxe. Illustrated with Twelve

Superb Photogravures from Original Drawings by F. Dicksee, A.R.A. 5 5s. Shakspere, The Leopold. With 400 Illustrations, and an Introduction by F. J.

Furnivall. Small 4to, cloth, 6s. ; cloth gilt, 7s. 6d. ; half-morocco, 10s. 6d. ; full morocco, 1 1s. Shakspere, The Royal. With Exquisite Steel Plates and Wood Engravings.

Three Vols. 15s. each. Shakespeare, Cassell's Quarto Edition Edited by Charles and Mary Cowden

Clarke, and containing about 600 Illustrations by H. C. Selous. Complete in Three Vols., cloth gilt, 3 3s. - Also published in Three separate Volumes, in cloth, viz. : - The Comedies, 21s.; The Historical Plays, 18s. 6d. ; The Tragedies, 25s.