Shakespeare, Miniature. Illustrated. In Twelve Vols., 12s.

Shakespearean Scenes and Characters. Illustrative of Thirty Plays of Shakespeare. With Thirty Steel Plates and Ten Wood Engravings. The Text written by Austin Brereton. Royal 4to, 21s.

Sketching from Nature in Water Colours. By Aaron Penley. With Illustrations in Chromo-Lithography. 15s.

Skin and Hair, The Management of the. By Malcolm Morris, F.R.C.S. 2s.

Smith, The Adventures and Discourses of Captain John. By John Ashton.

Illustrated. 5s. Sports and Pastimes, Cassell's Book of. With more than 800 Illustrations and Coloured Frontispiece. 768 pages, 7s. 6d.

Standards, Local Dual. By John Henry Norman. is.

Steam Engine, The Theory and Action of the: for Practical Men. By W. H. NORTHCOTT, C.E. 3S. 6d.

Stock Exchange Year-Book, The. By Thomas Skinner. 1os. 6d. Stones of London, The. By E. F. Flower. 6d. "Stories from Cassell's." 6d. each ; cloth lettered, 9d. each.

The Silver Lock. "Running Pilot."

The Mortgage Money. Gourlay Brothers.

A Great Mistake.

Sunlight and Shade. With numerous Exquisite Engravings. 7s. 6d.

Surgery, Memorials of the Craft of, in England. With an Introduction by Sir James Paget. 21s.

Telegraph Guide, The. Illustrated. 1s.

Thackeray, Character Sketches from. Six New and Original Drawings by Frederick Barnard, reproduced in Photogravure. 21s.

Three and Sixpenny Library of Standard Tales, etc. All Illustrated and bound in cloth gilt. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. each.

Jane Austen and her "Works. Mission Life in Greece and Palestine. The Dingy House at Kensington. The Romance of Trade. The Three Homes. School Girls. Deepdale Vicarage. In Duty Bound.

The Half Sisters.

Peggy Oglivie's Inheritance.

The Family Honour.

Esther West.

"Working to Win".

Krilof and his Tables. By W. R. S.

Ralston, M.A. Fairy Tales. By Prof. Morley.

Tot Book for all Public Examinations. By W. S. Thomson, M.A. 1s.

Trajan. An American Novel. By H. F. KeenAN. 7s. 6d.

Transformations of Insects, The. By Prof. P. Martin Duncan, M.B., F.R.S.

With 240 Illustrations. 6s.

Treasure Island. By R. L. Stevenson. Illustrated. 5s.

Treatment, The Year-Book of. A Critical Review for Practitioners of Medicine and Surgery. 5s.

Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications,

Tree Painting in Water Colours. By W. H. J. Boot. With Eighteen Coloured Plates, and valuable instructions by the Artist. 5s.

Trees, Familiar. First Series. By G. S. Boulger, F.L.S., F.G.S. With Forty full-page Coloured Plates, from Original Paintings by W. H. J. Boot. I2s. 6d.

Twenty Photogravures of Pictures in the Salon of 1885, by the leading

French Artists. In Portfolio. Only a limited number of copies have been produced, terms for which can be obtained of all Booksellers.

"Unicode": The Universal Telegraphic Phrase Book. Pocket and Desk

. Editions. 2s. 6d. each.

United States, Cassell's History of the. By Edmund Ollier. With 600

Illustrations. Three Vols., 9s. each.

Universal History, Cassell's Illustrated. With nearly One Thousand

Illustrations. Vol. I. Early and Greek History. - Vol. II. The Roman Period.- Vol. III. The Middle Ages. - Vol. IV. Modern History. 9s. each.

Vicar of Wakefield and other Works by Oliver Goldsmith. Illustrated.

3s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt edges, 5s. Water-Colour Painting, A Course of. With Twenty-four Coloured Plates by

R. P. Leitch, and full Instructions to the Pupil. 5s. Wealth-Creation. By A. Mongredien. 5s. Westall, W., Novels by. Popular Editions. Cloth, 2s. each.

The Old Factory. | Red Ryvington.

Ralph Norbreck's Trust.

What Girls Can Do. By Phyllis Browne. 2s. 6d.

Wild Animals and Birds: their Haunts and Habits. By Dr. Andrew

Wilson. Illustrated. 7s. 6d. Wild Birds, Familiar. First and Second Series. By W. Swaysland. With 40 Coloured Plates in each. I2s. 6d. each.

Wild Rowers, Familiar. By F. E. Hulme, F.L.S., F.S.A. Five Series. With

40 Coloured Plates in each. I2s. 6d. each.

Wise Woman, The. By George Macdonald. 2s. 6d.

Wood Magic: A Fable. By Richard Jefferies. 6s.

World of the Sea. Translated from the French of Moquin Tandon, by the

Very Rev. H. Martyn Hart, M.A. Illustrated. Cloth. 6s. World of Wit and Humour, The. With 400 Illustrations. Cloth, 7s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, gilt edges, I0s. 6d. World of Wonders, The. Two Vols. With 400 Illustrations. 7s. 6d. each. Yule Tide. Cassell's Christmas Annual. is.


The Quiver for Sunday Reading. Monthly, 6d.

Cassell's Family Magazine. Monthly, 7d.

" Little Folks" Magazine. Monthly, 6d.

The Magazine of Art. Monthly, Is.

The Lady's World. Monthly, Is.

Cassell's Saturday Journal. Weekly, Id.; Monthly, 6d. Full particulars of CASSELL & COMPANY'S Monthly Serial Publications, numbering upwards of 50 Works, will be found in Cassell & Company's COMPLETE CATALOGUE, sent post free on application.

Catalogues of Cassell & Company's Publications, which may be had at all

Booksellers', or will be sent post free on application to the Publishers :- Cassell's Complete Catalogue, containing particulars of One Thousand

Volumes. Cassell's Classified Catalogue, in which their Works are arranged according to price, from Threepence to Twenty-five Guineas. Cassell's Educational Catalogue, containing particulars of Cassell & Company's Educational Works and Students' Manuals.

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.

Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications.

Bibles and Religious Works.

Bible, The Crown Illustrated. With about 1,ooo Original Illustrations. With References, etc. 1,248 pages, crown 4to, cloth, 7s. 6d.

Bible, Cassell's Illustrated Family. With 900 Illustrations. Leather, gilt edges, 2 10s. ; full morocco, 3 1os. Bible Dictionary, Cassell's. With nearly 600 Illustrations. 7s. 6d.