Model Drawing. 3s.

Orthographical and Isometrieal Projection. 2S.

Practical Perspective. 3s.

Stonemasons, Drawing for. 3s.

Applied Mechanics. By Sir R. S. Ball, LL.D. 2s.

Systematic Drawing and Shading. By Charles Ryan. 2s.

Technical Educator, Cassell's. Illustrated throughout. Popular Edition. Four Vols., 5s. each.

Technology, Manuals of. Edited by Prof. Ayrton, F.R.S., and Richard Wormell, D.Sc, M.A. Illustrated throughout.

The Dyeing of Textile Fabrics. By Prof.

Hummel. 5s. Watch and Clock Making. By D. Glasgow.

4s. 6d. Steel and Iron. By W.H.Greenwood,F.C.S.

Assoc. M.I.C.E., etc. 5s. Spinning Woollen and Worsted. By W.

S. Bright McLaren. 4s. 6d.

Design in Textile Fabrics. By T. R. Ashen-hurst. 4s. 6d.

Practical Mechanics. By Prof. Perry, M.E. 3s. 6d.

Cutting Tools Worked by Hand and Machine. By Prof. Smith. 3s. 6d.

A Prospectus on application.

Test Cards, Cassell's Combination. In sets, 1s. each.

Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications.

Books for Young people.

Rhymes for the Young Folk. By William Allingham. Beautifully illustrated. 3s. 6d.

The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins. By P. V. Ramaswami Raju. With an Introduction by Prof. Henry Morley. Illustrated. 5s.

The Merry-go-Round. Poems for Children. Illustrated throughout. 5s.

The New Children's Album. Fcap. 4to, 320 pages. Illustrated throughout.

3s. 6d. "Little Folks "Half-Yearly Volume. With 200 Illustrations. 3s. 6d. ; or cloth gilt, 5s. Bo-Peep. A Book for the Little Ones. With Original Stories and Verses.

Illustrated throughout. Boards, 2s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

The World's Lumber Room. By Selina Gaye. Illustrated. 3s. 6d.

Lay Texts for the Young, in English and French. By Mrs. Richard

Strachey. 2s. 6d. Sunday School Reward Books. By Popular Authors. With Four Original

Illustrations in each. Cloth gilt, is. 6d. each.

Rhoda's Reward; or, "If Wishes were Horses."

Jack Marston's Anchor.

Frank's Life-Battle; or, The Three Friends.

Rags and Rainbows: a Story of Thanksgiving.

Uncle William's Charge; or, The Broken Trust.

Pretty Pink's Purpose; or, The Little Street Merchants.

"Golden Mottoes" Series, The. Each Book containing 208 pages, with Four full-page Original Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s. each.

"Nil Desperandum." By the Rev. F. Lang-bridge.

"Bear and Forbear." By Sarah Pitt.

"Foremost if I Can." By Helen Atteridge.

' Honour is my Guide." By Jeanie Hering

(Mrs. Adams-Acton). "Aim at the Sure End."By Emilie Searchfield. " He Conquers who Endures." By the Author of " May Cunningham's Trial," etc.

The "Proverbs" Series. Consisting of a New and Original Series of Stories by Popular Authors, founded on and illustrating well-known Proverbs. With Four Illustrations in each Book, printed on a tint. Crown 8vo, 160 pages, cloth, is. 6d. each.

Fritters; or, " It's a Long Lane that has no Turning." By Sarah Pitt.

Trixy; or, "Those who Live in Glass Houses shouldn't throw Stones." By Maggie Symington.

The Two Hardcastles; or," A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed." By Madeline Bonavia Hunt.

Major Monk's Motto; or, "Look Before you Leap." By the Rev. F. Langbridge. Tim Thomson's Trial; or," All is not Gold that Glitters." By George Weatherly. Ursula's Stumbling - Block; or, "Pride comes before a Fall." By Julia Goddard. Ruth's Life-Work; or, "No Pains, no

Gains." By the Rev. Joseph Johnson.

The "Cross and Crown" Series. Consisting of Stories founded on incidents which occurred during Religious Persecutions of Past Days. With Illustrations in each Book, printed on a tint. 2s. 6d. each.

By Fire and Sword: a Story of the Huguenots. By Thomas Archer.

Adam Hepburn's Vow: a Tale of Kirk and Covenant. By Annie S. Swan.

No. XIII.; or, The Story of the Lost Vestal. A Tale of Early Christian Days. By Emma Marshall.

Strong to Suffer: A Story of the Jews.

By E. Wynne. Heroes of the Indian Empire; or, Stories of Valour and Victory. By Ernest Foster. In Letters of Flame: A Story of the

Waldenses. By C. L. Mateaux. Through Trial to Triumph. By Madeline

B. Hunt.

The World's Workers. A Series of New and Original Volumes by Popular Authors. With Portraits printed on a tint as Frontispiece. is. each.

General Gordon. By the Rev S. A. Swaine. Charles Dickens. By his Eldest Daughter. Sir Titus Salt and George Moore. By J.

Burnley. Florence Nightingale, Catherine Marsh,

Frances Ridley Havergal, Mrs. Ranyard (" L. N. R.") by Lizzie Alldridge. Dr. Guthrie, Father Mathew, Elihu Burritt, Joseph Livesey. By the Rev. J. W.

Kirton. Sir Henry Havelock and Colin Campbell,

Lord Clyde. By E. C. Phillips.

Abraham Lincoln. By Ernest Foster. David Livingstone. By Robert Smiles. George Muller and Andrew Reed. By E. R. Pitman.

Richard Cobden. By R. Gowing. Benjamin Franklin. By E. M. Tomkinson. Handel. By Eliza Clarke. Turner the Artist. By the Rev. S. A. Swaine.

George and Robert Stephenson. By C. L.


Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications.

The " Chimes " Series. Each containing 64 pages, with Illustrations on every page and handsomely bound in cloth, 1s.

Bible Chimes. Contains Bible Verses for Every

Day in the Month. Daily Chimes. Verses from the Poets for

Every Day in the Month.

Holy Chimes. Verses for Every Sunday in the

Year. Old World Chimes. Verses from old writers for

Every Day in the Month.

New Five Shilling Books for Boys. With Original Illustrations, printed on a tint. Cloth gilt, 5s. each.

"Follow my Leader;" or, the Boys of Templeton. By Talbot Baines Reed.

For Fortune and Glory; a Story of the Soudan War. By Lewis Hough.

The Champion of Odin; or, Viking Life in the Days of Old. By J. Fred. Hodgetts.