Bound by a Spell; or, the Hunted Witch of the Forest. By the Hon. Mrs. Greene.

Under Bayard's Banner. By Henry Frith.

The King's Command. A Story for Girls. By Maggie Symington.

The Romance of Invention. By Jas. Burnley.

New Three and Sixpenny Books for Boys. With Original Illustrations, printed on a tint. Cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. each.

On Board the "Esmeralda;" or, Martin

Leigh's Log. By John C. Hutcheson. In Quest of Gold; or, Under the Whanga

Falls. By Alfred St. Johnston. For Queen and King; or, the Loyal

'Prentice. By Henry Frith. A World of Girls: A Story of a School.

By L. T. Meade.

Lost among White Africans: A Boy's Adventures on the Upper Congo. By David Ker.

Perils Afloat and Brigands Ashore. By Alfred Elwes.

Freedom's Sword : A Story of the Days of Wallace and Bruce. By Annie S. Swan.

The "Boy Pioneer" Series. By Edward S. Ellis. With Four Full-page

Illustrations in each Book. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. each.

Ned in the Woods. A Tale of Early Days I Ned on the River. A Tale of Indian River in the West. Warfare.

Ned in the Block House. A Story of Pioneer Life in Kentucky.

The "Log Cabin" Series. By Edward S. Ellis. With Four Full-page Illustrations in each. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. each.

The Lost Trail. | Camp-Fire and Wigwam.

Footprints in the Forest.

The "Great River" Series. (Uniform with the "Log Cabin" Series.) By

Edward S. Ellis. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth, bevelled boards, 2s. 6d. each.

Down the Mississippi. | Lost in the Wilds.

Up the Tapajos: or, Adventures in Brazil.

Sixpenny Story Books. All Illustrated, and containing Interesting Stories by well-known Writers.

Little Content. The Smuggler's Cave. Little Lizzie. Little Bird.

The Boot on the Wrong Foot.

Luke Barnicott. Little Pickles. The Boat Club. The Elchester College

Boys. My First Cruise.

The Little Peacemaker. The Delft Jug. Lottie's White Frock. Only Just Once. Helpful Nellie; and other Stories.

The "Baby's Album" Series. Four Books, each containing about 50 Illustrations. Price 6d. each ; or cloth gilt, 1s. each. Baby's Album. | Dolly's Album. | Fairy's Album. | Pussy's Album.

Illustrated Books for the Little Ones. Containing interesting Stories. All Illustrated. 1s. each.

Indoors and Out. Some Farm Friends. Those Golden Sands.

Little Mothers and their

Children. Our Pretty Pets.

Our Schoolday Hours. Creatures Tame. Creatures Wild.

Shilling Story Books. All Illustrated, and containing Interesting Stories.

Thorns and Tangles. The Cuckoo in the Robin's

Nest. John's Mistake. Diamonds in the Sand. Surly Bob.

The History of Five Little

Pitchers. The Giant's Cradle. Shag and Doll. Aunt Lucia's Locket. The Magic Mirror.

The Cost of Revenge. Clever Frank. Among the Redskins. The Ferryman of Brill. Harry Maxwell. A Banished Monarch.

Selections from Cassell & Company's Publications.

Cassell's Children's Treasuries. Each Volume contains Stories or Poetry, and is profusely Illustrated. Cloth, 1s. each.

Cock Robin, and other Nursery Rhymes. The Queen of Hearts. Old Mother Hubbard. Tuneful Lays for Merry Days. Cheerful Songs for Young Folks. Pretty Poems for Young People. The Children's Joy.

Pretty Pictures and Pleasant Stories.

Our Picture Book.

Tales for the Little Ones.

My Sunday Book of Pictures.

Sunday Garland of Pictures and Stones.

Sunday Readings for Little Folks.

"Little Folks" Painting Books. With Text, and Outline Illustrations for Water-Colour Painting. 1s. each.

Fruits and Blossoms for "Little Folks" to Paint. The "Little Folks" Proverb Painting Book.

The " Little Folks " Illuminating Book. Pictures to Paint. "Little Folks" Painting Book. "Little Folks" Nature Painting Book.

Another "Little Folks" Painting Book.

Eighteenpenny Story Books. All Illustrated throughout.

Wee Little Rhymes.

Little One's Welcome.

Little Gossips.

Ding Dong Bell.

Three Wee Ulster Lassies

Little Queen Mab.

Up the Ladder.

Dick's Hero; and other Stories.

The Chip Boy.

Raggles, Baggies, and the Emperor.

Roses from Thorns

Faith's Father.

By Land and Sea.

The Young Berringtons.

Jeff and Leff.

Tom Morris's Error.

Worth more than Gold

"Through Flood - Through Fire;" and other Stories. The Girl with the Golden Locks.

Stories of the Olden Time.

The "Cosy Corner" Series. Story Books for Children. Each containing nearly One Hundred Pictures, is. 6d. each.

See-Saw Stories.

Little Chimes for All Times.

Wee Willie Winkie.

Pet's Posy of Pictures and Stories.

Dot's Story Book.

Story Flowers for Rainy Hours. Little Talks with Little People. Chats for Small Chatterers. Pictures for Happy Hours. Ups and Downs of a Donkey's Life.

The " World in Pictures" Series. Illustrated throughout. 2s. 6d. each.

A Ramble Round France.

All the Russias.

Chats about Germany.

The Land of the Pyramids (Egypt).

Peeps into China.

The Eastern Wonderland (Japan). Glimpses of South America. Round Africa.

The Land of Temples (India). The Isles of the Pacific.

Two-Shilling Story Books. All Illustrated.

Clover Blossoms. Christmas Dreams. Stories of the Tower. Mr. Burke's Nieees. May Cunningham's Trial. The Top of the Ladder: How to Reach it.

Little Flotsam. Madge and her Friends. The Children of the Court. A Moonbeam Tangle. Maid Marjory. The Four Cats of the Tippertons.

Marion's Two Homes.

Little Folks' Sunday Book.

Two Fourpenny Bits.

Poor Nelly.

Tom Heriot.

Aunt Tabitha's Waifs.

In Mischief Again.

Through Peril to Fortune.

Half-Crown Books.

Arm Chair Stories.

Little Hinges.