By S. SIDNEY. With a Section on "Veterinary Information" by George Fleming, LL.D., F.R.C.V.S. With 28 Fac-simile Coloured Plates, and about 150 Wood Engravings.

New and Revised Edition, price 35s.; or half-morocco, 45s.

"This is a large subject appropriately treated in a large book - a book not only of the horse thorough-bred, half-bred, and cart-bred, but of everything connected with him; his history in our own and other lands; how to breed him, rear him, and train him; his virtues and his vices - how to improve the one and how to correct the other; how to feed him, groom him, doctor him; how to bit him, saddle him, harness him; of the carriages he draws, and the men and women he carries; how to ride him and how to drive him; how to buy him, and, indirectly, how to sell him." - Times.

"Let buyers of horses and carriages invest in 'The Book of the Horse.' They ought, after attentive perusal, to be able to save thereafter double the cost of the volume every week in coach-house and stable money." - World.

CASSELL & COMPANY Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.

Second Edition, price 5s.; post free, 5s. 4d.

The Simple Ailments of Horses:

Their Nature and Treatment. By W. F., late Principal and Lecturer on Veterinary Surgery, Edinburgh Veterinary College.

"A most invaluable vade mecum for all horse-owners. A work of this description has for a long time been urgently required, and W. F.'s volume is so plain and concise that it can be placed with perfect safety in any one's hands. It is a book that will be found most useful to the country gentleman and the farmer." - Land and Water.

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.