The passages from the bowels are in a semi-fluid state.

Causes. - A debilitated condition of the digestive organs often brought on by high feeding on rich food. Sometimes it is due to some irritating substance eaten by the animal, as frozen vegetables or roots, impure water, etc.

Symptoms. - Passing of the feces in a thin and watery state and in large quantities.

Treatment. - In mild cases it may only be necessary to put the animal on light feed of a dry nature; but it is generally necessary to cleanse the bowels by giving a physic. Give from a pint to a quart of raw oil and one to two ounces of laudanum at one dose. After the oil operates, there is nothing better to check the action of the bowels than gruel made of wheat flour and water well boiled, but not burned. From a pint to a quart should be given every six hours till the diarrhoea begins to check. If there is much pain an ounce or two of laudanum may be added. Keep the patient as quiet as possible.

Dysentery In Horses

This may result from a prolonged case of diarrhoea, or from eating some irritating substance.

The discharges are mucous and stringy and tinged with blood; they are frequent and are accompanied with great straining. There are often griping pains.

Treatment. - Give the same treatment as in diarrhoea, and also give one half ounce of powdered charcoal and one ounce of hyposulphite of soda in the gruel three times a day.