It is a well known fact that outbreaks of abortion among cows frequently occur in certain localities which cannot be traced to any visible or ordinary cause. No condition of flesh or health seems to be exempt, but fat and lean alike fall victims to the infection. These abortions generally occur at some time from the fourth to the seventh month of pregnancy and generally without any premonitory symptoms. In some instances the abortions of different cows have seemingly occurred at regular intervals of a certain number of days, which might point to a necessary period of incubation. Experiments of smearing the vagina of a cow with the mucus from a cow that had just aborted, have produced abortion, thus proving that it can be communicated from one cow to another; but the fact that the succeeding cases in a stable have often stood far apart from the preceding ones, goes far to prove that actual contact is not necessary to its communication.

As no curative treatment has ever yet given satisfaction, the preventive treatment is the only one to be recommended.

First, when an abortion occurs, get rid of the foetus and all its membranes by burning; gather up all straw and other litter that may have become infected, and burn this also. If in a stable, close all doors and burn sulphur until the fumes penetrate every crevice, then whitewash all walls with a strong lime wash to which has been added a pound of salt to each two gallons of the wash, and sprinkle all floors with the same.