Whole plumage variegated with black and chestnut; paler beneath: tail of twelve feathers.

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Entire length nine inches and three-tenths: length of the bill two inches and seven-tenths; of the tarsus one inch three lines; from the carpus to the end of the wing five inches and one-tenth. Vig.


Cheeks, throat, neck, and breast, brownish black, speckled with chestnut-brown; belly and abdomen grayish black, with transverse bars of chestnut-brown: back and scapulars deep black, with chestnut-brown bars and spots; under wing-coverts blackish gray: tail of twelve feathers, black at the base, ferruginous at the tip, with transverse black bars: bill brownish black, with a tinge of chestnut at the base of the upper mandible: legs brownish black. (Egg). Unknown.

A rare and little known species first described by Mr Vigors from a specimen shot in the Queen's County in Ireland, in August 1822. Since then, two other individuals have occurred in Kent, a third in another part of Ireland, and a fourth near Morpeth in Northumberland. This last is in the collection of Mr Selby. Has not hitherto been met with in any other part of the world.