Reddish yellow, variegated with black and white.

C. Cobaya, Desm. Mammal, p.356. Variegated Cavy, Shaw, Gen. Zool. vol. II. p. 17. pi. 126.


Length of the head and body twelve inches ; of the head three inches one line ; of the ears ten lines and a half.


Body thick and short; the neck scarcely to be distinguished from it: ears broader than long, straight, naked, transparent, partly concealed by the hair : eyes round, large, and prominent. Hair sleek and smooth ; varying in colour in different individuals; entirely white; or variegated with black, white, and tawny yellow.

A native of Brazil; but domesticated in Europe. Is very prolific in confinement, breeding repeatedly in the year, and producing from four to twelve at a litter. Feeds on different vegetable substances.