In all designs for buildings of importance, utility, durability, and beauty, the first great principles, should be pre-eminent. In order that the edifice be useful, commodious, and comfortable, the arrangement of the apartments should be such as to fit them for their several destinations; for publio assemblies, oratory, state, visitors, retiring, eating, reading, sleeping, bathing, dressing, etc. - these should each have its own peculiar form and situation. To accomplish this, and at the same time to make their relative situation agreeable and pleasant, producing regularity and harmony, require in some instances much skill and sound judgment. Convenience and regularity are very important, and each should have due attention; yet when both cannot be obtained, the latter should in most cases give place to the former. A building that is neither convenient nor regular, whatever other good qualities it may possess, will be sure of disapprobation.

Chateau Of Chambord

Chateau Of Chambord.