Floor Coverings

Rugs, linoleum, or coco matting. Brussels, velvet, braided, or rag rugs, or strips of coco matting.


Single bed, wood or metal. If the room is shared by two boys, use two single beds, in wood or metal, preferably of the day-bed type, in dark wood, dull finish, or dark painted finish.

Dresser, High-Boy, Or Chest Of Drawers

In natural wood to match beds, or dark-painted, straight-line chest with plenty of drawers. One chest for each occupant of the room.


If the dresser has no mirror attached, a plain square or oblong mirror of natural wood or antique gilt should be hung low enough over the chest for the convenience of the occupant.


One or two straight wooden chairs to match dresser, or painted dark, such as black, green or brown, and one comfortable chair, such as a dark-painted wicker or wooden armchair.


A low one to match dresser, or painted to match chairs.


One with sturdy, flat-top, or of craftsman type, in finish to match other furniture.


For desk or table, or on a bracket, with glass or stout paper shade.

Bookcase Or Bookshelves

For books, trophies, etc., of simple lines to match other furniture, or shelves finished to match woodwork.


Hung near chest of drawers.


One or two in dark wood frames; subjects should be those of interest to boys.

Denims, reps, and heavy sunfasts make appropriate curtains, bedspreads, and bureau scarfs.

Few or no decorative accessories are necessary, as boys create their own.