Floor Coverings

Rugs, linoleum, or straw matting. Brussels, velvet, rag, braided, linen, or wool fiber rugs.


Single bed, wood or metal. If the room is shared by two girls, use two single beds in natural hardwood, or light-painted wood or metal.

Dresser, Low-Boy, Or Chest Of Drawers

In natural wood to match bed, or light-painted, bulge- or straight-front chest, with plenty of drawers; or a constructed wood chest with compartments covered with flounces.


If the dresser has no mirror attached, a plain square, oval, or oblong mirror of natural wood or antique gilt should be hung low enough over the chest for the convenience of the occupant.


One or two straight chairs to match dresser, or light-painted individual chairs to correspond with flounced dressing-table, and one comfortable chair, such as a natural wicker or small upholstered chair.


One small table at bedside to correspond with other furniture.


Small, flat-top or closed-front desk to match other pieces of furniture.

A Large Box Or Chest

Built-in under window, or of a cedar type that can be moved about; for clothing, etc.


Wood or china base, with silk, muslin, or light-colored paper shade.


Three or four in light-colored frames; subjects should be those of interest to girls.

Decorative Accessories

Sewing basket or stand; one or two silver, china, or pottery vases for flowers. Toilet articles in silver, wood, tortoise shell, or ivory. Desk appointments and light-colored blotter. Decorative candy-box and one or two cushions. Sateen, taffeta, muslin, seersucker, dotted swiss, and cretonnes, make appropriate materials for bedspreads, curtains, and bureau scarfs.