Extensive progress has been made in the use of materials for plumbing fixtures and equipment. Sanitation doubtless is the greatest consideration but comfort, labor-saving, and attractiveness are others of importance. Vitreous china is most desirable for wash bowls and the most sanitary for toilets. However, enameled iron is frequently used for both tubs and bowls. The unit faucet, which mixes hot and cold water, is a convenience and most satisfactory. for the kitchen. Chromium-plated faucets, although more expensive, will save energy spent in the care of fixtures, and they are also attractive. Acid-proof enamelware is a worth-while consideration for the kitchen sink where stains are common from fruits and vegetables. Built-in bathtubs and pedestal bowls for the bathroom are an advance over the old types.

Color in fixtures has been introduced during the past few years. The choice of color is an individual matter, but since renewing fixtures is expensive the selection of color should be such that will harmonize well with a number of other colors in order that changes in color schemes, particularly the color of walls, may not be handicapped or become too difficult.