Should be sanitary. Tile, stone, specially finished cement, or linoleums are the most sanitary. Small black-and-white, or light blueand-white patterns are good. A well-filled painted wood floor of battleship gray or Colonial buff may be used. Small mats of rubber or cork at side of bathtub are desirable.


Tile, or plaster painted with two coats of flat paint and one coat of enamel, or oilcloth wall covering. White or any pale colors are the best.


Window-board should be in window to allow top and bottom ventilation if no separate ventilator is provided.


Porcelain or enameled iron tub with hot and cold running water; shower with spray set at angle not to wet hair; porcelain or enameled basin, with hot and cold water; toilet with white seat desirable; cabinet, with door and mirror, over basin; shelves for shaving equipment, lotions, antiseptics, first-aid kit, etc., cupboard large enough to hold supply of towels, soap, toilet paper, and equipment for cleaning bathroom fixtures, if no closet in hall is available for these.

Clothes hamper, unless chute to bin near wash tubs is provided. Hamper should have smooth white surface. Enameled metal, wood, or wicker desirable.

Towel Racks

Nickel, glass, vitreous china, or enameled wood rack for each member of family to keep towels separate. Make certain that a separate rod is provided for guest towels.

Miscellaneous Fixtures

Two nickel, vitreous china, or enameled metal soap racks, one beside the basin and one beside or hooked to the tub, if not back in the wall. Tooth-brush rack to hold tooth-brushes, well separated. Toilet-paper basket or rack. Individual mugs or glasses for each member of the family. Shelf of glass, vitreous china, or wood covered with oilcloth is usually placed over the basin.


White enamel, preferably. Clothes hooks on back of door, or clothes-tree.

Sash curtains of white material, fastened at top and bottom on small rods to window casement and not on window sash, so the window may be raised or lowered and privacy maintained.


Some families can afford to install an additional lavatory on the ground floor to save steps. It should contain toilet, wash bowl, stool, and fixtures for accessories. It should also be as easy to clean and as hygienic as the bathroom.

[Note. - The equipment of the bathroom stands the same whether for one or more baths in a seven-room house or for a single bath in a three-room house. The stool and clothes hamper are the only furnishings that can easily be dispensed with.]

Before. This bedroom of a Knoxville, Term.

Fig. 57. - Before. This bedroom of a Knoxville, Term., Better Homes demonstration house was successfully transformed into the livable living room shown in Fig. 58.

After remodeling

Fig. 58 - After remodeling