Plumbing And Bathroom

A great deal of poorly designed plumbing goes into houses whether in the city or in the country. The report of the Department of Commerce Subcommittee on Plumbing gives diagrams for a proper layout of the waste system for small houses, and, as you know, septic tanks and sewage disposal are the subjects of pamphlets by the Department of Agriculture and the Public Health Service.

Other Points

Pamphlets on electric wiring and fixtures are readily obtainable from dealers or manufacturers.

To continue the discussion throughout the entire house at this rate would require hours.

I can only refer in passing to the fact that the Forest Service issues booklets on the use of wood and its preservation against decay. Farmers' Bulletin 1472, entitled "Preventing Damage by Termites or White Ants," furnishes directions for protection against termites. Home-building magazines list the names of manufacturers of electrical equipment, millwork, paints, and many other materials used in dwelling construction, who furnish upon request pamphlets describing the use of their products.

1 See also pp. 230-37.

Since I have already mentioned the Portland Cement Association, I also wish to refer to the helpful pamphlets available from the National Lumber Manufacturers' Association, those furnished by the various regional lumber associations, the common and face brick manufacturers, and many others.

You all know of the Superintendent of Documents' price list No. 7 2 listing government pamphlets of interest to suburbanites and home builders.

Although I have dealt mainly with the construction of new houses, I hope that the discussion and references to material will also have some application to the remodeling and modernizing of existing houses, ....