It has been believed by many persons interested in the construction industries that considerable delay, annoyance, and expense could be avoided if there were greater uniformity in the mechanics' lien laws of the various states. At the request of a number of organizations of builders, material producers and dealers, and real estate owners, the Secretary of Commerce appointed a committee composed of representatives of these groups and of subcontractors, building trades labor, architects, engineers, and financing and surety groups. They have undertaken to draft a mechanics' lien act which can be used as a basis for uniform state legislation.

The first tentative draft of an act was distributed to qualified individuals and organizations for criticism and a second tentative draft, prepared in the light of suggestions received and other information, was circulated in like manner. Suggestions relative to this second draft are now being considered with a view to perfecting the act. Cooperation is maintained with a committee of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, appointed to consider the same subject.