The Management Of Farms

OUTLINES OF FARM MANAGEMENT, and the Organization of Farm Labour. Treating of the General Work of the Farm, Field, and Live Stock, Details of Contract Work, Specialties of Labour, Economical Management of the Farmhouse and Cottage, Domestic Animals, etc. By Robert Scott Burn. 12mo, 3s.

Management Of Estates And Farms

LANDED ESTATES AND FARM MANAGEMENT. By R. Scott Burn. (The above Two Works in One Vol.) 6s.

Hudson's Tables For Land Valuers

THE LAND VALUER'S BEST ASSISTANT: being Tables, on a very much improved Plan, for Calculating the Value of Estates. With Tables for reducing Scotch, Irish, and Provincial Customary Acres to Statute Measure, etc. By R. Hudson, C.E. New Edition, royal 32mo, leather, gilt edges, elastic band, 4.s.

Ewart's Land Improver's Pocket-Book

THE LAND IMPROVER'S POCKET-BOOK OF FORMULAE, TABLES, and MEMORANDA, required in any Computation relating to the Permanent Improvement of Landed Property. By John Ewart, Land Surveyor. 32mo, leather, 4s.

Complete Agricultural Surveyors Pocket-Book

THE LAND VALUER'S AND LAND IMPROVER'S COMPLETE POCKET-BOOK; consisting of the above two works bound together, leather, gilt edges, with strap, 7s. 6d. "We consider Hudson's book to be the best ready-reckoner on matters relating to the valuation of land and crops we have ever seen, and its combination with Mr. Ewart's work greatly enhances the value and usefulness of the latter-mentioned. - It is most useful as a manual for reference." - North of England Farmer.

Grafting And Budding

THE ART OF GRAFTING AND BUDDING. By CHARLES Baltet. Translated from the French. With upwards of 180 Illustrations. 12mo, 3s. cloth boards. [Just published.

Culture Of Fruit Trees

FRUIT TREES, the Scientific and Profitable Culture of. Including Choice of Trees, Planting, Grafting, Training, Restoration of Unfruitful Trees, etc. From the French of Du Breuil. Third Edition, revised. With an Introduction by George Glenny. 4s. cl.

"The book teaches how to prune and train fruit-trees, to perfection."- Field.

Potato Culture

Potatoes, How To Grow And Show Them

Practical Guide to the Cultivation and General Treatment of the Potato. By James Pink. With Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 2s. cl.

Good Gardening,

A PLAIN GUIDE TO GOOD GARDENING; or, How to Grow Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers. With Practical Motes on Soils, Manures, Seeds, Planting, Laying-out of Gardens and Grounds, etc. By S. Wood. Third Edition. Cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth. " A very good book, and one to be highly recommended as a practical guide. The practical directions are excellent." - Athenacum.

Gainful Gardening

MULTUM-IN-PARVO GARDENING; or, How to make One Acre of Land produce ,620 a year, by the Cultivation of Fruits and Vegetables ; also, How to Grow Flowers in Three Glass Houses, so as to realise ,176 per annum clear Profit. By Samuel Wood. 3rd Edition, revised. Cr. 8vo, 2s. cloth. "We are bound to recommend it as not only suited to the case of the amateur and gentleman's gardener, but to the market grower." - Gardener's Magazinc.