Youatt and Burn's Complete Grazier.

THE COMPLETE GRAZIER, and FARMER'S and CATTLE-BREEDER'S ASSISTANT. A Compendium of Husbandry. By William Youatt, Esq., V.S. 12th Edition, very considerably enlarged, and brought up to the present requirements of agricultural practice. By Robert Scott Burn. One large 8vo. volume, 860 pp. with 244 Illustrations. 1 l. Is. half-bound.

"The standard and text-book, with the farmer and grazier." - Farmer's Magazine.

"A treatise which will remain a standard work on the subject as long as British agriculture endures." - Mark Lane Express.

History, Structure, and Diseases of Sheep.

SHEEP ; THE HISTORY, STRUCTURE, ECONOMY, AND DISEASES OF. By W. C. Spooner, M.R.V.C, etc. Fourth Edition, with fine engravings, including specimens of New and Improved Breeds. 366 pp., 4s. cloth.

Production Of Meat

MEAT PRODUCTION. A Manual for Producers, Distributors, and Consumers of Butchers' Meat. Being a treatise on means of increasing its Home Production. Also treating of the Breeding, Rearing, Fattening, and Slaughtering of Meat-yielding Live Stock; Indications of the Quality, etc. By John Ewart. Cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth. "A compact and handy volume on the meat question, which deserves serious and thoughtful consideration at the present time." - Meat and Provision Trades' Review.

Donaldson And Burns Suburban Farming

SUBURBAN FARMING. A Treatise on the Laying Out and Cultivation of Farms adapted to the produce of Milk, Butter and Cheese, Eggs, Poultry, and Pigs. By the late Professor John Donaldson. With Additions, Illustrating the more Modern Practice, by R. Scott Burn. 12mo, 4s. cloth boards.

English Agriculture

THE FIELDS OF GREAT BRITAIN. A Text-book of Agriculture, adapted to the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department. For Elementary and Advanced Students. By Hugh Clements (Board of Trade). With an Introduction by H. Kains-Jackson. 18mo, 2s. 6d. cloth.

" A clearly written description of the ordinary routine of English farm-life." - Land. " A carefully written text-book of Agriculture." - Athena'um. [Economist.

" A most comprehensive volume, giving a mass of information." - Agricultural

Modern Farming

OUTLINES OF MODERN FARMING. By R. Scott Burn. Soils, Manures, and Crops - Farming and Farming Economy - Cattle, Sheep, and Horses - Management of the Dairy, Pigs, and Poultry - Utilisation of Town Sewage, Irrigation, etc. New Edition. In I vol. 1250 pp., half-bound, profusely illustrated, I2s. "There is sufficient stated within the limits of this treatise to prevent a farmer from going far wrong in any of his operations." - Observer.

The Management Of Estates

LANDED ESTATES MANAGEMENT: Treating of the Varieties of Lands, Methods of Farming, Farm Building, Irrigation, Drainage, etc. By R. Scott Burn. 12 mo, 3s. cloth. "A complete and comprehensive outline of the duties appertaining to the management of landed estates." - Journal of Forestry.