It has been said above that a certain amount of shrinking in the boards of ordinary work is inevitable.

The actual passage of air and dust through the openings thus formed may be prevented by the various forms of tongued, feathered, and similar joints, already described; but in many positions, such as in linings of walls, in doors, etc., the unsightly appearance presented by the gaping joints between the boards would be objectionable.

In such cases, to hide the openings caused by shrinkage, a quirked bead is "stuck" upon one angle of each board, in order that the opening of the joint may be hidden in its shadow, or look merely like another quirk on the opposite side.

Beaded Joints 100390

Fig. 488.

Beaded Joints 100391

Fig. 489.

Fig. 489 snows the bead as applied to a grooved and tongued joint or match-boarding; it may be used in the same way for rebated or plain butt joints.

Dovetail Joints are chiefly used to connect boards meeting at an angle.

Beaded Joints 100392

Fig. 490.