Set In The Years 1888, 1889, 1890 By The Science And Art Department, South Kensington In Building Construction.

General Instructions

If the rules are not attended to, the paper will be cancelled.

You may take the Elementary or the Advanced or the Honours paper, but you must confine yourself to one of them.

Your name is not given to the Examiner, and you are forbidden to write to him about your answers.

All figures must be drawn on the single sheet of paper supplied, for no second sheet will be allowed.

All drawings must show a correct knowledge of construction. Neat and accurate drawing to scale is required. Where only sketches are asked for the proportions must be approximately correct, though extreme accuracy, as in drawings to scale, is not necessary. The drawings may be left in pencil, provided they are distinct and neat. No extra marks will be allowed for inking in.

You are to confine your answers strictly to the questions proposed.

Put the number of the question before your answer.

Answers in writing must be as short and clearly stated as possible, and close to any figures to which they may refer.

The value attached to each question is shown in brackets after the question. But a full and correct answer to an easy question will in all cases secure a larger number of marks than an incomplete or inexact answer to a more difficult one.

A single accent (') signifies feet ; a double accent (") inches.

Questions marked (*) have accompanying diagrams.

The Examination in this subject lasts for four hours.