The Syllabus of the Science and Art Department contains the following particulars regarding the examination in materials: - 1

Examination for Second Stage or Advanced Course.

This includes questions upon "the nature, application, and characteristic peculiarities of the following materials in ordinary use for building purposes, viz. -

"Bricks of different kinds in common use; York, Portland, Caen, and Bath stones (or stones of a similar description); granite, pure lime, hydraulic lime Portland and Roman cement, mortars, concretes, grout, asphalte, timber of different kinds in common use, cast and wrought iron, lead."

1 There is no examination in materials for the First Stage or Elementary Course.

Examination For Honours

The candidate "must possess a more complete knowledge of building materials, their application, strength, and how to judge of their quality; and, in the case of iron, of the process of manufacture, and the points to be attended to in order to insure sound castings and good riveting."1

In the following pages the information of an elementary character required for the Second Stage is given in large print.

Candidates for the Honours Examination should study the whole volume, with the exception of the tables, lists of brands, recipes, and other similar matters, most of which are in very small print, and are intended chiefly for use in practice.

1 Riveting is dealt with in Part I.

Note To The Second Edition

In this Edition the Chapters generally have been revised, and in some cases extended. The Notes on Portland Cement have been practically rewritten.