285. The architect, when superintending the erection of brickwork, should see that sufficient mortar is used to fill all the joints, and that the bricks are shoved as described in Art. 190. The quality of mortar should be frequently looked after, as sometimes, unless watched, brick masons will add loam to the sand to make the mortar work well, as it is termed. It is also important that the bonding of the walls should be well watched, in order to see that the number of bond courses, specified or required, are put in. Piers should be especially looked after, as their efficiency depends largely on the thoroughness of the bonding.

It should also be seen that the Figured dimensions are properly checked and followed; all openings left in their proper places; courses kept level and walls plumb; that all bearing plates are well bedded; floor anchors securely built in; and that all recesses for soil, vent, steam and gas pipes are left in the proper places; also that all unfinished brick and stone work is properly protected from the weather.