If the stairway is put up against the brown-mortared wall, the finished parts must be well covered with building paper, and rough boards placed over the paper on the treads, to remain until the interior woodwork is completed. The covering must be fixed in such a manner as to permit enough of it to be easily removed to allow the hand rail and balusters to be put up.

17 Erection 23

Fig. 16.

When the steps are set in place, they should be carefully inspected to ascertain if any of them are cut short and pieced, if any of the wedges are improperly glued, or the nailing of treads and risers omitted. When a person ascends or descends the stairway, it should make no creaking noise, as even a slight creaking is sure to grow louder in time and be a lasting reminder of defective work. Creaking is generally due to defective gluing, nailing, wedging, or to the use of unseasoned stuff in either the rough carriages or the finished material. _______