(1) Describe the general construction of a small iron office.

(2) What combination is sometimes made with elevator enclosures?

(3) What characteristic renders iron of particular value as a building material?

(4) When a hand rail for a circular stair cannot be tried at the job, or on the stairs, how may it be bent to the proper curve?

(5) What distinction must be made between leafwork designed purely for ornament and leafwork designed for more utilitarian purposes?

(6) Describe two methods of casting a newel.

(7) How do iron workers and setters identify the structural pieces in setting?

(8) Why should the blows of the hammer be lighter at the commencement of welding?

(9) What are molds?

(10) Why are the sills of elevators usually either ribbed or tesselated?

(11) What consideration must receive attention in the design of posts for street and private porch lights?

(12) (a) What are cores ? (b) What are core prints?

(13) How are wrought-iron scrolls usually made?

(14) In what three ways may mullions be constructed?

(15) What knowledge must be possessed in order to become a successful ironwork designer, and to advance intelligently in the work?

(16) How are the cast balusters in railings usually modeled?

(17) Why is iron used so frequently for the fronts of buildings?

(18) What is draft?

(19) Why are the thin narrow pieces secured to the guide pocket placed on each side of an elevator door guide?

(20) What is a pattern?

(21) What is cast iron?

(22) How may the width of a semicircular string be determined?

(23) What is meant by "upset?

(24) Describe the purpose and details of a double expansion bolt.

(25) What is wrought iron?

(26) (a) To what interior details is ornamental ironwork particularly applicable? (b) What outside influence affects these interior detail designs?

(27) What is shrinkage?

(28) Describe a form of basketwork grille.

(29) What small structures are usually made of cast iron?

(30) What is a shrinkage rule?

(31) How are semicircular strings usually made?

(32) What is understood by welded work?

(33) Why is it necessary that cast iron should be kept nearly of equal thickness?

(34) What ingredients make wrought iron brittle?

(35) How are leaves usually made for foliage?

(36) What is casting?

(37) What considerations must be borne in mind in designing leafwork for a grille or a railing?

(38) What is understood by forged work?

(39) Of what materials are patterns usually made?

(40) Of what material are semicircular strings usually made?

(41) When bars are too thick to be twisted in grille-work, how are the intersections formed?